CILT (UK) Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport (12 Months)

CILT (UK) Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport (12 Months)2018-12-03T13:22:36+00:00

Ofqual Qualification Number 600/4697/1

The CILT International Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport. This is a qualification designed to provide a sound foundation for a career within the transport and supply chain fields and should supervisors, first -line managers and potential middle managers with a complete set of management and operational skills. In addition a Port Operations module is incorporated to the study and will be awarded as a stand alone award certificate in Port Operations.
1. Port Operations:
Designed to provide information and to help understanding of port management and port operations. It covers the types and functions of ports and terminals and their management, operation and maintenance
2. Management in Logistics and Transport:
Presents the fundamental management knowledge required of managers in logistics and the transport industry.
3. Supply Chain Management:
Introduce main principles, concepts and practices of supply chain management.
4. Transport Operations:
Presents the key generic aspects of transport operations.
5. Movement of Goods:
Provides the underlying knowledge for the movement of goods in a national, regional and international context.


Further progression is available to the CILT International Professional Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport.

Do I need any previous qualifications to start this course?

CILT International Introductory Certificate and The Level 3 Certificate qualifications or any Level 4 shipping, Transport or Logistics related qualification.

Who the Level 5 qualification is for:

Completing this qualification will enable candidates to apply for operational middle management positions in the following areas:

Aviation, Freight forwarding, Manufacturing logistics, Ports, Procurement management, Retail transport, Shipping, Supply Chain management, Transport planning, Travel and sustainable transport, Warehouse management.