CILT (UK) Intensive Modular Short Courses

CILT (UK) Intensive Modular Short Courses2019-01-24T13:40:16+00:00
Maritime Business Institute is offering 10 Saturdays Intensive CILT Modular courses that leads to an award CILT certificate. These flexible courses are designed specifically for those individuals that cannot attend full time studies. Building up these modular courses will result to a CILT full Logistics and Transport qualification.


DIP-01 – Management in Logistics and Transport
DIP-02 – Supply Chain Management
DIP-03 – Transport Operations
DIP-04 – Transport Planning
DIP-05 – Inventory
DIP-06 – Movement of Goods
DIP-07 – Movement of People
DIP-08 – Production Planning
DIP-09 – Retail Logistics
DIP-12 – Transport and Society
DIP-13 – Warehousing
DIP-14 – International Business
DIP-15 – Project Management
DIP-16 – Supply Chain Flow Planning
DIP-17 – Supply Chain Networking Planning


CERT-M1 – Business Theory
CERT-M2 – Business Application
CERT-01 – Warehousing
CERT-02 – Inventory
CERT-03 – Passenger Transport Operations
CERT-04 – Procurement
CERT-05 – Freight Transport Operations
CERT-07 – Supply Chain Operations
CERT-08 – Transport Planning
CERT-010 – Global Logistics
CERT-011 – Port Operations