NQF Level 8 in Procurement Supply (MCIPS)

NQF Level 8 in Procurement Supply (MCIPS)2018-12-03T13:16:23+00:00
Aimed at Senior procurement professionals and heads of department. It is targeted at building strategic procurement competence, giving managers the ability to formulate strategic direction and advice, in terms of change management, stakeholder management and team leadership, focuses on giving you the strategic acumen to align functional, organizational and supply chain strategies, and to devise and implement change management. The course develops your skills in areas including leadership of stakeholders, the procurement functions, teams and relationship management, and project and financial management.
1. Leadership in procurement and supply (PD1):
The module emphasizes the leadership skills and behavior required for the achievement of the objectives and improvements sought by effective procurement and supply chain management.
2. Corporate and Business Strategy (PD2):
Focuses on the development, configuration and implementation of strategy to help supply chain personnel achieve competitive advantage.
3 Strategic Supply Chain Management (PD3)
Unit focuses on the development, configuration and roll out of strategy to help personnel appraise how strategy can be used to help achieve competitive advantage through improved supply chain management.
4. Supply Chain Diligence (PD4):
Unit focuses on the financial aspects that impact on supply chains as project finance, merges and acquisitions, financial measures of organizations, corporate governance, legal issues such as competition law and workforce issues that impact on organizations.
5. Programme and Project Management (PD5):
Unit covers critical aspects of the development, financing, implementation and delivery of major programmes and projects.
6. Legal Aspects in Procurement and Supply (UK) (PD6):
Unit focuses on understanding the legal issues surrounding contracts and relationships developed in supply chains.

Entry Requirements:

You will need to have achieved the NQF Level 7 in procurement and supply.
Diploma in purchasing and supply

Typical Job Roles:

Strategic Procurement Manager, Head of Commercial, Supply chain Manager, Head of Logistics/Transport Operations Manager