NQF Level 6 in Procurement Supply

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SAQA Occupational Qualification

1 Contexts of Procurement and Supply:
The unit offers learners advice and guidance to main stakeholders on the application of the sourcing process and understand supply chains which organizations operate in.
2 Business Needs in Procurement and Supply:
Unit explores a variety of elements that underpin the development of criteria. It also considers the options that should be explored when procurement and supply personnel are involved in defining requirements.
3 Sourcing in Procurement and Supply:
Unit identifies sound approaches to sourcing activities that assess the commercial and technical capabilities of organizations to help achieve the right choice of supplier.
4 Negotiating and Contracting in Procurement and Supply:
The unit identifies approaches to achieve negotiated agreements with external organizations and recognizes the use of legal terms that should regulate commercial agreements.
5 Managing Contracts and Relationships in Procurement and Supply:
Unit concentrates on approaches to contract and supplier relationship management involving stakeholders in these processes.


NQF Level 7 in Procurement and supply.

Entry Requirements:

CIPS Certificate in procurement and supply operations, the CIPS Advanced certificate in procurement and supply or the CIPS International advanced certificate in purchasing and supply. Alternatively, you will need either two years’ experience in a business environment, two A-Level qualifications / International equivalents.

Typical Job Roles:

Buyer, Procurement Specialist, Contract Officer, Supply Chain Analyst, Supply Chain Planner.