Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

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Maritime Business Institute is offering a 1 year CIPS certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations. The qualification focuses on giving you the skills you need to recognize and describe the key processes in procurement, and building your professional knowledge and competence. You will develop robust knowledge in creating quotations and contract and tender documentation, including E-systems, assessing quotations, addressing customer enquiries and supplier selection, performance issues and reviews.
1. Procurement and Supply Principles:
The unit describes the fundamental principles of procurement, supply and supply chains.
2. Procurement and Supply Functions:
Unit identifies the main types of organizations, the main elements of a procurement and supply function and the main market factors and their impact on the procurement and supply function.
3. Procurement and Supply Processes:
Unit identifies; the fundamentals of the contract formation process, the use of systems in procurement and supply, and the sources of information about potential suppliers.
4. Procurement and Supply Administration:
Unit explains the necessary documentation and administrative processes that are involved in forming agreements with external suppliers.
5. Procurement and Supply Stakeholders:
Unit explains how effective relationships can be formed with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. It also identifies the main principles of quality management.


Advanced Certificate in procurement and Supply Operations.

Entry Requirements:

There no entry requirements. You don’t need any prior professional qualifications or experience.

Typical Job Roles:

Administrative / Purchasing Assistant, Contracts Administrator, Stock Controller, Inventory Clerk.